Plastic Grain Bag Recycling

The RM of Mervin is extending its waste disposal and recycling program to agricultural grain producers.  The RM has an agreement with Cleanfarms to pilot a voluntary program to recycle plastic grain bags from this area.

Cleanfarms is an established agricultural waste disposal and recycling company with extensive operations across Western Canada. Visit for more information.

The RM of Mervin is encouraging all grain producers in the area using plastic for grain storage to participate in the grain bag recycle program. The RM will make a grain bag roller available at no cost but with an equipment deposit, to roll and tie plastic grain bags so they will be eligible for recycling. Participating grain producers will be responsible for delivering the rolled and tied grain bags to the RM’s Brightsand Transfer Site at a time and date determined by the RM in consultation with Cleanfarms.  The producers will be met at the Brightsand Transfer Site by Cleanfarms representatives who will load the rolls onto waiting trucks for immediate transport to their recycling facilities.

At this time, the plan is to have participating grain producers deliver their rolled grain bags to the Brightsand Transfer Site on two specified days each year. The rolled bags will have to be securely wrapped and tied, relatively clean and free of wood and metal. Any rolls that do not meet Cleanfarms requirements for safe transport or recycling will not be accepted and the producer will be required to remove them from the transfer site. This plan may change depending on the number of grain producers participating and the number of grain bags to be recycled.

Once all the requirements for producer participation, bag wrapper use, bookings, delivery scheduling etc. are finalized, the information will be released to all participating grain producers.

If you wish to participate and enroll in this program, want to have input, seek clarification, or have any questions please call or email.


David Krywchuk

Phone:  306-392-9044